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1 month ago
Bad News For Horner! Female Accuser Speaks out! - YouTube

Christian Horner’s case might not get closed as soon as he hoped for, and although he was proclaimed innocent, the female employee in question has opened up ...

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Christian Horner’s case might not get closed as soon as he hoped for, and although he was proclaimed innocent, the female employee in question has opened up about her feelings when it comes to this case. Toto Wolff has also weighed in on the question, and considering the feeling that the Verstappen family has on having Horner as their leader, it does bring a very valuable question to mind – will Horner actually survive the external pressure, and more importantly – how will that affect the dominant era in which Red Bull have found themselves into?

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Inspired by **BOMBSHELL Horner As Woman FINALLY REVEALS What Happened!**

Inspired by **Christian Horner's accuser 'suspended' after Red Bull's investigation into F1 boss**

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