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4 days ago Unveils Revolutionary Language Translation Solution, Breaking Down Communication Barriers Globally

New York, NY — 1Voice.Ai, a dynamic telecommunication company, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking language translation solution, aimed at revolutionizing communication across languages. With a mission to break down language barriers and promote seamless global communication, 1Voice is poised to reshape the way the world connects.

"Language should be a bridge, to connecting with people around the world. Our goal at 1Voice.Ai is to make communication across languages as simple as making a phone call," said Simon Wilby, CEO and inventor of 1Voice.Ai. "This is going to change the World."

1Voice's subscription-based model eliminates language limitations, offering effortless communication in real-time across 47 languages (boasting an impressive 98% accuracy rate). This innovative technology bridges gaps, promotes understanding and unlocks new possibilities for collaboration and growth.

1Voice places a high priority on user privacy, ensuring that conversations remain confidential. The service is also designed to be easy to use. Additionally, 1Voice.Ai is built on a proprietary engine developed in-house which allows the company to offer greater control over performance, functionality, and security.

"1Voice.Ai is not just a translation service; it's a bridge that connects people, cultures, and ideas. We believe in making communication affordable, accessible, and secure for everyone," added Wilby. "1Voice will offer monthly subscription plans, eliminating the need for costly language courses or professional translators. Users can simply dial a number and experience the transformative power of instant and accurate translation. Also, we are currently in the beta version and always improving. Users can expect a more refined service as time progresses."

For more information, please visit - or call 212-202-0004.

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