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Clinic for Health and Medical Care @CHMCDubai
2 days ago
Welcome to CHMC Dubai, the premier destination for top-notch psychiatric and psychological care in the heart of Dubai 🏥. At CHMC, our mission is to offer compassionate, comprehensive mental health services that cater to a wide array of psychiatric disorders and family medicine needs. With state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai Healthcare City and Jumeirah Lake Towers, our German Clinic is a beacon of hope and healing, providing tailored treatments that respect your unique journey towards mental well-being.

Unmatched Expertise and Personalized Care
Our clinic is spearheaded by Dr. Gregor Kowal, a German Board-certified maestro in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Family Medicine, bringing over 30 years of profound experience to the table. Alongside Dr. Kowal, Dr. Annette Schonder, an American Board-certified psychologist, offers specialized services in clinical counseling, marriage therapy, and hypnotherapy, ensuring a holistic approach to your mental health.

A Spectrum of Services for a Healthier You
CHMC is renowned for its comprehensive treatment plans that address a broad spectrum of psychiatric disorders, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Our clinic goes beyond symptom management, aiming to foster a deep, meaningful connection with our patients, thereby ensuring a journey not just to recovery, but to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Your Journey to Wellness, Our Commitment
Our approach is grounded in the belief that quality care is continuous and consistent. That's why at CHMC, you'll meet the same dedicated psychiatrist and psychologist at every visit, ensuring a stable and understanding therapeutic relationship. Our initial assessments are thorough, involving psychiatric, psychological, and somatic evaluations, complemented by state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures to tailor a treatment plan that's just right for you.

At CHMC Dubai, we don't just treat symptoms; we treat individuals. Our clinic stands as a testament to the power of compassionate care, sophisticated diagnostics, and personalized treatment plans in transforming lives. Embrace the journey to mental well-being with CHMC, where every step is taken with care, professionalism, and a deep commitment to your health and happiness. Let's navigate the path to a more vibrant, fulfilling life together. 🌈✨

Clinic for Health and Medical Care
Visit Website:
Phone: 971 558573970
Address: Unit 1004, 10th floor, HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
Working Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM Sunday closed

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