Simon Wilby @ONE
27 June, 07:37

If you consider yourself a pro-life Republican and weren’t on the Trump Train in 2016, sit your pansy-ass down. Had you and your precious “principles” won the day, Hillary Clinton would have appointed those three Supreme Court justices instead of Donald Trump, and the moral atrocity known as Roe v. Wade would still be a “constitutional right.” #breitbart #trump
Simon Wilby @ONE
26 June, 12:48
Simon Wilby @ONE
26 June, 12:45
nalle @nalle
15 June, 04:52
janne @janne
15 June, 08:21
The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Tuesday that it will officially rename the monkeypox to address stigma.
Sajjo @Sajjo
15 June, 07:45
Teammate Says Trans UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas is 'Mentally Ill'.

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