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Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist @Ayeshashaukat
2 months ago
Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist
Raise your prosperity with Ayesha Shaukat, a committed, enrolled encompassing nutritionist determined to rouse groundbreaking wellbeing ventures. Filled with energy for practical medication, Ayesha set out on a journey to disentangle the perplexing connection between nutrition, way of life, and imperativeness. Equipped with a degree from the Canadian School Natural Nutrition (CSNN), she has directed her skill to enable endless people in recovering their well-being. Ayesha's all-encompassing point of view embraces the collaboration of body, psyche, and soul, recognizing that ideal well-being comes from agreement inside. By opening the capability of feeding food sources and careful living, Ayesha guides you towards a lively existence of equilibrium and prosperity.


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