Saldivar @saldivar
29 September, 07:55
Lianne @lianne
29 September, 07:48

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Donald Trump Offers to Mediate Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

The Former US President has claimed the conflict would never have happened if he were still in the White House, and urged the Biden Admin to remain calm on the "Sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines." #News #Politics
Guha @guha
29 September, 01:09
Nice play at trying to redeem yourself on some level. You had a baby with a black man out of wedlock. Then you had a surrogate carry another baby for you. Damage control is not the way.
Rommel @rommel
29 September, 01:00
Donald J. Trump: Everyone is talking about the big hurricane barreling into Florida, as they should be, but perhaps a far more important event in the longer term was the announcement that the Nord Stream I & II Pipelines out of Russia (which I brought to the World’s attention as President when I explained how crippling reliance on it could be for Germany and other parts of Europe. Everybody laughed at the time, but they are not laughing anymore!) has been SABOTAGED. This could lead to major escalation, or War!
Vijai @vijai
28 September, 07:13
If/when a hot war begins, if Europe’s energy issues cause widespread death and economic devastation this winter:
Victoria Nuland and her cabal/tribe are directly to blame. This should be remembered, and voiced.

Biden doesn’t control Bidens foreign policy.. the FJB’s are cute, and deserved, but know that you’re swatting at a puppet and walking corpse - and that there are an *endless supply* of such drones, of men willing to sell themselves.
Seek out those piloting the drones, if you care to fundamentally solve the problem.
Elmira @elmira
28 September, 06:12
Major advertisers are pulling their content from Twitter, after an investigation revealed their sponsored tweets were appearing next to accounts promoting child pornography #News #twitter
Annelise @annelise
27 September, 11:21
National Socialism, first and foremost, above all else, is a philosophy.

Not an economic system.

A philosophy predicated on a foundation of Nature - understanding natural laws and the natural order, and applying those laws and order to society and civilization.

NS is a philosophy that recognizes the fundamental, and uttermost vital importance of the racial component of the human condition - seeing race as the very origin of all human culture.

NS economy? The economy was the very last and lowest point of concern in the NS philosophy. NS Germany didn't even have a formally defined economic system. They just figured it out as they went along (and it worked miracles, seeing as Germany was pulled out of the catastrophe of the Versailles Treaty, and thrust into first-world superpower within about four years).

Their economy was based on agriculture and industry, like most first-world countries. Farms and factories were almost exclusively privately owned, and laws were put in place to ensure that they remained privately owned. As were all small shops, from grocery stores to clothing stores to furniture stores, as well as every type of repair shop of the age.

Land ownership was encouraged in Germany. And again, laws were put into place to ensure that all land remained private. Even in the event that a landowner passed away and didn't have any family to will his property to, auctions were held to ensure that the land was put back into the hands of private citizens, and was never allowed to be bought up by corporations or government institutions.

NS Germany had virtually no welfare system to speak of. Most of the welfare provided to the poor and the disabled was generated through public fundraising events like the Winterhilfswerk (WHW) program. Hitler's most memorable public statement on the subject was "German people, help yourselves!" And it was an insanely successful program (I even have a bunch of little trinkets from the WHW (pins, buttons, ribbons, keychain booklets, etc.)

Did they have free education and healthcare? Yeah. Were they all allowed to just take any old random classes they want for fun and piss away a bunch of government funding? No. University courses were decided based on aptitude. If a citizen showed aptitude in mathematics and sciences, then they went to institutions of higher learning. If a citizen wasn't very strong in intellectual capacity, but was good with his hands, he went to trade school and explored which trades he was most skilled at.

This is all very simple stuff. There was nothing complicated or convoluted about the NS economic or social systems. It was all based on the simplest logic, reason, and plain old common sense.

Subhashini @subhashini
27 September, 10:40

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Every morning 11 year old dog Maisy is waiting for her 90 year old friend Richard during his daily walk.. #Dogs
Qin @qin
27 September, 10:37

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Tacos elevated- Tacos manuelos, Spanish rice and beans. #Food
Hiroki @hiroki
27 September, 09:45
White people need to start understanding that politics in this country isn’t about red against blue.

It’s about White against everyone else.

And right now we are losing. Rapidly
Gimenez @gimenez
27 September, 03:49
Teresina @teresina
27 September, 05:24
If we can beat the cheating, a false narrative and belief will be shattered. President Trump showed, because despite what they say he won big, and DeSantis is showing, that true conservatism can win elections. Something the RINOS keep saying we cannot do.
I have said at least 70% of America, maybe a little more, are conservative even if they do not know it. The problem has been the Republican party. Ever since I can remember, they have been horrible messengers of conservatism, horrible. They do not try to sell, push, or pass it. They surrender it. Either because of weakness or corruptness they have let Democrats and media dictate what conservatism is by gradually moving what is the "radical right" closer to center right. Now, even wanting to be Christian or not supporting puberty blockers is radical right extremism. This is the result of decades of RINOS, the McConnells, McCarthys, and Grahams, who keep saying we cannot win with radical right candidates, radical right, I might add, as designated by Democrats and the media.
The result is no Americans have seen true conservatism fully implemented to see how well it works both economically and in society. DeSantis is doing it. He is conservative on every issue, not on all but two or three. He is selling, pushing, and passing a completely conservative agenda, no compromising or apologies. He is fighting the federal government and woke culture like a conservative should do, and people are responding with enthusiasm, and it will only get better as the leftist crap is eradicated from Florida, and once people see conservatism in practice, they realize they are conservative. Democrats know this and that is why they have to keep fucking things up everywhere, steal elections, push woke here or racism there, just enough shit to keep things from settling in. On a national level with President Trump, it was impeachment, then covid, then race rioting, all to keep America from seeing how good it can be under true conservatism. RINOS do not want people to see it either, so you know they will all try to destroy DeSantis to.

#News #Politics
Haruko @haruko
27 September, 04:36
Even allowing for the originator of this statement, you've got to ask yourself - does this have a ring of truth to it? Would you be surprised if this is true?

Russian senator says state has proof Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine are military in nature

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev, deputy speaker of the Federation Council or Senate, has provided “irrefutable evidence” that the Department of Defense-run biological research laboratories in Ukraine “are pursuing military goals.”... #News
Yniguez @yniguez
27 September, 03:37
My current life consists of walking around mindlessly in different rooms trying to remember what it was that I was never looking for
Gervais @gervais
27 September, 02:54
Good Decision Costco: Warehouse Giant Holds the Line on Its Uber-popular $1.50 Hot Dog-and-Soda Combo as Inflation Soars #News #money #Food

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